Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Things are going well. Very busy as always, but very well. Always challenges...

I started increasing my jumping jacks. I started out with 25 at a time and was going to move to 30, and then decided to try 120... It was tough but I could do it. So I'm working on meditating, and the jumping jacks. Then I'm adding yoga and hopefully getting to lifting!

Music is going OK. Having gone out of town for a QuinceaƱera really drained me but was great to see familia.

I'm trying to get most of the groups I work with to do more around messaging and web communications. So I want to re-do the LRU website using the CSS Zen Garden approach. Basically having some basics written out and then have different formats to adjust to the season or events coming up.

It is "Dia de La Raza" or Indigenous Heritage Day. I encouraged people to post on my FaceBook something they can think of that people indigenous to this continent provided to the world.


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