Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Things are generally OK. I need to get more sleep, but I think I'll be back at lifting soon. Until then, lots of stretching and walking.

I read an interesting definition of class policy, and I'll post the reference when I remember who wrote it. It is that when a policy benefits the powerful classes at the detriment of the working-classes. I think even policies in reverse are class policies. I think it is just that class seems to be hidden so much that we don't get it for the most part.

In this regard, the policy that punishes people for car theft based on the value of the vehicle is a class policy. If you rip off a working-class person who may not be able to afford an urban assault vehicle then the crime is less than ripping off some middle-class tank. So someone who may not be able to replace their vehicle as easily is a reduced crime than to rip off someone who may have more resources.

Next thing you know you'll get less time for white-collar crime than taking $17 from Allsups!



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