Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So much to think about.

One is how isolation works. Noticing that during these hard times, my circle of people is more isolated than usual. I think this is partially due to the economy and some disillusionment with politics.

I know lots of people thought that the 60 Dem votes would lead to major changes. It seems that "progressive" doesn't mean much change after all. It IS an improvement, but seems like people expected more. This next year will be a tough fight for community power vs. corporate power.

As for money, it was good getting an inheritance. It was from my grandmother passing in 1992, so it was a long time coming. But it helped me pay off some debt. People have a hard time thinking about me being in debt because I have a well paying job. What they don't consider is that I spent many years making in the low 20s. During that time I incurred debt for my dad's funeral. I also have debt from my mom's funeral, my father-in-law's funeral, and my other grandmother's funeral.

I know many people don't take those kinds of debts on, but I do. It was tough, and whenever we are on one income it gets tight, even with my good income usually being stable. So I think that I am finally in a good place and stay even with all of the college debt my daughter and I are racking up. I'm trying to encourage my son and wife to also go back to school.


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