Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Well it is election day. Yesterday my DOG got a flier from the mayor. It actually has our address and the dog's freakin name. If you can afford to send mail to pets (I know it was for the pet owners) I think you should save paper!

Well we'll see how the election goes. Remember to go vote!!!

Other than that, I've been trying hard to keep up with family, homework, music, work, and this blog. Obviously the blog hasn't been doing as well. But I'm caught up with my homework until Saturday because I'm going out of town. I'm currently blogging from a fast food place because they have wireless. I haven't been out of the office for lunch in a long time.

My current musical project is to learn songs on the button and piano accordion. I'm just learning the button, but there are tons of videos on youtube. The one I have is in A, so I'm starting with Rinconcito en el Cielo that one of the bands is actually learning like the original!!!

I figure getting it on the button will help me figure out some of the sounds I can't get on the piano and see if they really are so different. I think I need to look at it as playing two different instruments.

Bueno - been reading a lot of public health stuff for some strange reason! LOL and I'll be sharing reflections... someday!

Keep Lefting!

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