Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Wow, time has passed quickly. My 'Jita is moving this weekend. Off to adulthood!

I sure hope it all goes well. Work is crazy along with grad school. And then there is band stuff. I ended up buying a keyboard this weekend and told both bands about it. I had a gig on Sunday and told that band and they were like - "Why didn't you bring it?" I told the other band I should bring it to our gig in a couple of weeks and they were like - "We gotta practice first because timing and stuff might be different." Que chinga! The bass player laughed with me. I said ya sure.

I don't want to be a keyboard player but there are times when a different sound would be nice.

Remember to write Obama and your federal representatives and tell them to get on with the public options so we can get to Universal Health Care!

Keep Lefting!

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