Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm was thinking how proud of my family I am. Then my daughter puts up this post. Makes me smile. Considering everything we've been challenged with our familia kicks ass.

I'm sore from the last workout and that makes me smile too. Work got in the way of working out yesterday. Oh well. I'll workout today or tomorrow. It will be the last heavy workout for this 4 week cycle. The next three workouts will be high rep workouts that focus on getting a "pump." Then I'll go to the medium workout for three weeks - three sets of 6-8. By going to "failure" then I'll still be building some strength but also getting more muscle growth than the two sets of 5 till failure. Then another week of pump and then the final mini-cycle which is four sets of 8-10. Then the final pump week.

After that I'll probably do an 8 week cycle to carry me to the end of the year and do this 12 week cycle again to start the year out strong.

Keep Lifting!!!

Below is a song I recorded with the familia band - Mezcla Experience. The band is broke up but was a great five years of my life. I get to hear what a pain I was sometimes and I know I did my best and so did they. Hopefully they appreciate the experience as much as I did. (If not, it sucks for them!)

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