Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27, 2009

Spent a week thinking about changes in life. From the usual - "did I do enough" to "wow, my family is really strong - for being this dysfunctional!"

I noticed how hard people work at NOT changing or growing. Some people don't seem to have lots of choices, but others actually work hard against it. Some of my sisters work at keeping people within their roles. One of my brothers is actually using public shaming and aggressiveness to keep people within his comfort zones. He needs lots of healing, but in the meantime lots of people defer to him and just let it stay in place.

We all think we are right - I'm not going to deny that there is always tension from different views and opinions, but when you start bullying people into stuff it seems a little different. Anyway, hopefully we all start getting healthier.

I'm going to have lots of growing to do with my daughter leaving. My friend MR always is good at this stuff and I'll have to try and stay in touch with him. And also not feel bad for not letting myself get pushed around.


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