Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21, 2009

Well we made it to California. My daughter and I are here for her college orientation. We had some good talks and lots of laughs on the drive here. I hope today goes well. Going to visit my oldest Tio tonight and come back for her tomorrow.

We talked about relationship stuff and realize that we both agree on a lot. I've always been open to talking with my kids and that's always been helpful. Also got to talk about how family gets strange and distant and all of the interesting change in dynamics.

On a previous post someone asked me what I meant by "open marriage" or relationships. People get focused on the sex part. I realized that the book was published in '72 and the authors meant for it to mean a open in the sense of communication, equality and individual lives as part of a long term relationship. The term ended up meaning sexually open and the authors were not happy about that. I think both definitions are OK, but confuse people.

Here is an interesting link on starting light.


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