Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17, 2009

Pinche blogger - ate my first post.

So I know I have mentioned that I think we need relationship education as part of school and maybe even before handing out marriage licenses! I also know I've mentioned that I think people in "alternative" relationships have figured out stuff that we all need to learn from.

I'm reading a 1972 book called "Open Marriage" that talks about egalitarian partnership. They attempt, and I think do a good job, of presenting a model "relationship of commitment and equality where each partner's individual growth contributes synergistically to the marriage bond."

I'll be posting little by little, in between workout posts and such about my thoughts. So here is a list of things to focus on. I'll post about my thoughts and any positive experiments. I won't post "dirt" here - unless it is about an anonymous couple I know or someone that is public to reflect upon.

Mostly this will still be about working out and some politics.

Here's one list of human needs the authors focus on:

Heightened intimacy;
Effective communication;
Shared roles;
Trust and privacy.

I think a lot of personal work needs to go into this, but a couple with two strong and healthy people could get to these things. I also think we would have to discuss the sexual part of relationships - which we do a terrible job at. The English National Health Service is advising some interesting stuff which would cause a terrible reaction here! Maybe this works in the US too! (Hint: An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!)

This is the first of these so feel free to give some feedback.



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