Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hysteria abounds. First the colored terror alerts, then child abduction, and breaking and entering turned into home invasion, etc.

It is sad that we haven't figured out a better safer society. My kids have a friend who is basically homeless. Her mom and brother are sleeping in their car outside a day labor place. She is staying with us a few days. They used to hang out at Alvarado park in the evenings as their relaxation and often stayed in motels.

My compadre is laid off as a trucker. My brother in law seems worried that his job may shut down. There are lots of people worried about their jobs these days.

And yet there are bailouts for the rich.

Well, I'll try to work out this afternoon and blow off steam. I started playing music for money again and will be making some extra bucks.

Keep Lefting!

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