Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well my daughter has graduated!

My son is working part time and enjoying it.

What was amazing to me is the amount of control games schools play - even up through graduation. There were rules, you had to have tickets to an event that wasn't full, you couldn't bring in balloons or banners, etc. It was all very rude, but after 13 years as an Albuquerque Public Schools parent I have come to expect being patronized on a variety of levels. Maybe I should have run for school board after all!

Anyway, at least that is done. Now it is time to find money for college!!! We've been looking, but not much has panned out yet.

Wish me luck!!!

If it helps, not all schools are like that. Mine allows all the hoopla, just don't bring weapons, alcohol, or drugs. I love our graduations, they are a BLAST.
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