Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Prayer Vigil

SATURDAY, APRIL 4, 7:00-9:00pm
Robinson Park (at downtown round-about)

Join us in circle and community to continue to celebrate the life of Amber A. Archibeque to acknowledge the circumstances that brought her precious life and the lives of so many women, to an abrupt end. We also celebrate the lives of Victoria Chavez, Michelle Valdez and her unborn baby, Cinnamon Elks, and Julie Nieto who were found on the Sacred Site/West Mesa Grave Site and the many other Women who are missing in Albuquerque.

We stand together to oppose the silence of violence against women, silence of sexual abuse, and the silence of addiction that feeds our pain and tears at our communities.

We come together in circle and community to restore hope, to amplify the voices of women, our struggles, and heal the current systems that perpetuate the cycles of poverty, addiction, sexual abuse, and violence in hope and action toward a better world for our children, families and communities.
Their loss is a perpetuation of the inattention and continued violence against women that WILL NOT GO UNVOICED!

For more info call: Family @ 249-6309. Young Women United @ 831-8930 . Kalpulli Izkalli @ 452-9208

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