Wednesday, March 04, 2009

International District Press Conference

Hello All,

Tomorrow morning, Thursday, March 5th at 10:45 am, at the Talin Market, Mayor Martin Chavez will be having a press conference alongside City Councilor Rey Garduño to mark the Mayors signing of R-09-203 which recognizes the International District.

R-09-203, sponsored by Councilor Garduño, recognizes the area in and around Louisiana Blvd. between Central Ave. and Zuni Ave. as the “International District.” This area includes the communities of La Mesa, Trumbull, South San Pedro, Elder Homestead, Fair West, and the surrounding areas.

If you are able, please come show your support of the International District. Also, pass this message along to your neighbors, friends, and any others that may be interested.

Julian Moya

Policy Analyst
City Councilor Rey Garduño District 6
(505) 768-3152
(505) 803-7056

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