Monday, March 09, 2009


It is raining!!! It smells good and feels good. I was sent an article link to Reimagining Socialism. I only read the first article and haven't read the responses. Sounds interesting.

It sure is time for some different things. One is building a broad culture of participation. We can start with "Alternate Voting" also know as "Instant Runoff Voting." I'll write more about that later this week. I've been reading a book that I order from IDEA a long time ago on electoral systems. While some form of proportional representation may be best, it seems to be too far out for US culture, but IRV would be a minor change that could still have some benefits.

It just seems amazing to me that with all of the unemployment due to people not spending we just keep giving money to rich people who don't spend it. Banks were given money and they aren't loaning. Why not just give it to people who have no choice but to go shopping and let them start rebuilding the economy!?!?!?!



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