Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Well I went for a 30 minute walk yesterday! I think it was about 25 minutes before I had any pain. Not bad. It also was good to be outdoors for awhile. Gotta get it together if I'm going to be able to do door knocking in earnest again someday.

Also, I sent to my City Councilor - Consejero Rey - a big request to my congressperson. Hope that goes well. Even though it is just an ask the thought of messing up the paper work stressed me out. It would bother me to lose a shot at getting millions for the International District because of something stupid on a form.

I'll add a quote for the day...

The extent of coverage provided by a country's health services is directly related to the level of development of that country's democratic process (and its power relations).

The United States is the only developed country whose government does not guarantee access to health care for its citizens. It is also the developed country with the least representative and most insufficient democratic institutions, owing to the constitutional framework of the political system, the privatization of the electoral process, and the enormous power of corporate interests in both the media and the political process.

As international experience shows, without a strong labor-based movement willing to be radical in its protests, a universal health care program will never be accepted by the US establishment.

Vicente Navarro

Keep Lifting and Keep Lefting!!!

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