Monday, March 23, 2009


I was just listening to "progressive" talk radio and they were talking about the financial crisis. Instead of pointing out that the "stimulus" is focused on credit they started with the tired point about living by your means. No discussion about stagnant wages for the last thirty years. No discussion about the drop in union density. No discussion about how rich people are having their losses socialized while regular people are having to move out onto the streets.

Things they didn't mention - paying workers so they can afford things; creating jobs; supporting public education (pre-K to university); and creating affordable home ownership opportunities give wages we do pay. Maybe if they would mention the Employee Free Choice act and we could get more union jobs people could fight for themselves for higher wages because the government is not doing it. They did mention Merrill Lynch using bailout money to send jobs to India - THAT should be pissing us off as much as the AIG problem.

Fun link: AIG not the only company to pay bailout bonuses.

Well, back to my day off!

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