Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Wow, things are just feeling hectic. I'm so burnt by the end of the day it ain't funny. I didn't keep the "be irritatingly happy" thing for the 40 days, but I am still trying. I think that's the intention. Challenging myself a whole bunch on that one.

Very proud of my kids. My daughter is in the Honor Society now. That was sweet. Especially because this principal who I am bumping heads with a lot has to be nice to me in public. Not so much behind closed doors, but I'm not that nice to her there either.

The ability to keep from going off is really challenging at this point. But I think it is the push toward keeping happy that is making me see where I want to be and go. The next step is gathering the energy to make a break with a couple of habits. The first one - the old one! - just appreciating how much I do for my family and my community!

I think the viewership of this blog dropped off. Comments are down. Much of it had to do with two hard weeks at the legislature.

Well, it is time to get back on it! I hear President Obama is doing a new stimulus package. Maybe we can get a working-class stimulus package that will up pay for workers!



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