Friday, February 27, 2009


Well, the International District idea has gone through the County, City Council and yesterday the Senate. I think this will be great for area. Now how to redevelop without gentrification.

I think with any redevelopment there will be some gentrification - new people moving in, and often with higher incomes. But can that be done in a way that enhances the health of already existing residents? That will be a challenge.

On the drive to Santa Fe I had an interesting discussion about building power and influencing policy. Mainly with someone trying to figure it out from a non-profit perspective. I think we need to use that but also go beyond it. We need really strong working-class, and social justice organizations. Republicans will obviously bring us mostly unhealthy policies. And the Clintonian neo-liberal policies aren't much better. So thinking about supporting and creating movements that go to deeper and structural changes as opposed to minor reforms will be key.

Going from activism to organizing to being in power. That's what I think Vicente Navarro brings to light in his writings and it is what has re-encouraged me to work with La Raza Unida.

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