Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So much! 1/28/09

So much to do and so much I'd like to post about. I may have to start posting on the weekends to keep up.

There is the Culture Clash performance and I sat close to some very prominent Hispanic advocates. When we said hi I spoke to them in Spanish and they would only talk in English. Very funny considering they are the "Spanish" types who openly go rounds with me about the Indigenous heritage stuff. Then the white folks behind me complaining about the Raza that was buzzed and talking a little to loud for theater. They even were giving the "I almost went over there to say something" line. Then after the show there was a discussion with the artists and they wouldn't shut up. Very amusing in the irritating way.

There is going up to the State Legislature and all of my changes in wearing a suit. It had been a long time. The part that made it fun was going on the Senate and House floor and seeing the reaction of people who knew me. Sen. Keller was all "Look at you!" And a couple of representatives looked at me, noticed the suit and said, "Hey! It's great that you are going to be working up here." Apparently the suit gave it away. Being a lobbyist felt strange, but overall I think it will be fine.

I think things are stable with the family. I'll just be working on keepin up with everything and moving forward. The challenge will be remembering to say no at the right time. Oh, and I re-learned how to tie a tie yesterday!


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