Monday, January 05, 2009


Hope everyone had a great new year start. I think my family did. Had a nice trip to Santa Fe on the train and I worked out some over the break.

Too bad about Bill. Now WE'RE stuck with him. Interesting about these "pay-to-play" Governors - guess I can't sit back and think only the Republicans are crooked.

And what's up with our new homeboy? He's still talking about tax giveaways. Can't run a shop without income. It is amazing how right the "center" is.

Well, keep lefting!!! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

You know, I understood an independent investigator has already cleared him of this.... I understood it was a political revenge sort of thing? Did I miss something?

...and don't tell me you are now part of the guilty until proven innocent club... SO not like you!

So what have I missed in this story? Has he plead guilty to something?
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