Monday, December 01, 2008


Still working through a lot of the pain and tightness in my body. Didn't make it to work out this week and that was a drag. I'll be out of town next week. Hopefully I can get some walking in and maybe still get online to post.

There was a story on NPR saying that the Bush administration privatized more of government than any other administration. On top of that there is little to no oversight, so there is no proof that anything is being done worse or better than government could do it. There is no proof as to how many workers are doing it, what they are being paid or any of that. There are actually more contractors than government employees in Iraq!

To me this seems like a giant redistribution of tax dollars to no-bid contractors. It is also a redistribution of government. We are no longer being governed by almost democratically elected individuals accountable to us, that responsibility has been redistributed, outsourced actually, to private contractors who we don't know anything about.

I'll have to write more on that later.



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