Friday, November 14, 2008

Support Albuquerque's Educational Assistants

The Educational Assistants sicked out yesterday. I called the AFT office and asked if there was a way for the community to support the EAs. I left a message and haven't heard back. I think going to the website and emailing them would be good.

The Union is saying that they didn't have anything to do with the walk out. And the new Superintendent is already using the "these people" language.

Youth are the most important asset for any community. Educational Assitants are a part of developing that precious asset by supporting their education. If they are not being paid a basic living wage then we show a lack of value and concern for our children.

How much we invest in the empowerment of our children through their education says a lot. We invest a large percentage of the NM State budget into education, but obviously we either need more, or need to see where we can invest in educators before administrators.

Support the Educational Assistants, support Unions and support the Employee Free Choice Act!

I had dreamed up an add showing a golfing CEO and Janitor saying "who really works harder?" - but this ad rocks. I would still stick with working class, but hey - the point gets across. (Full Image)


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