Friday, November 07, 2008

November 7, 2008

People have asked me about why I have been so excited since I didn't vote for the "winner" this election. Mainly because I care about people. I think that government should take the common wealth and use it for the common good.

I think that we need to create lots of organizations to make that happen. When the "founding fathers" started out they weren't sure about the usefulness of political parties. Apparently though on today's spectrum of left to right - Hamilton would be ultra-left and Ben Franklin (the most conservative) would be Center. The Dems go from Kucinich to the new President. So now seems a great time to make politics about caring again!

OH, I WOULD LIKE TO ASK YOU ALL A FAVOR... Please let me know if I should start a different blog for politics and keep this about my life or keep them the same. Thanks...


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