Thursday, November 06, 2008

November 6, 2008

Thanks for the comment Aurea!

I'm really happy to have been able to stand for who closest represented me over the wave. That means I really appreciate all the people who got people out. I did some, what I could do as a volunteer. It will be easy now for the "critiques." People will be critizing those who didn't do MORE to get the vote out for Obama, people will criticize those who did, people will critizice Obama himself!

There will be a clamor to "get on board" or "get with the program." I think there is only one program - it is time to make America a place where people care about people again!

For me that means we have to clarify internally with La Raza Unida that we exist because we care about people. We need to care for ourselves and others and acting on the responsibility that comes with that caring. It also means that we have to become strong enough to act on that responsibility.

We have to hold government to their key roles - protection and empowerment. Protection comes as regulation of business practicies, pollution, and ill health among other problems. Empowerment will come as giving all of us fair access to the common wealth. Business gets more return on roads, the internet, and other infrastructure - they should pay their fair share so the rest of us have access to quality schools, health care, and real political participation.

I'll keep clarifying that for myself and for others.

Here's some more on Electoral Reform, and COMPLETE Presidential Results! (Funny how in the fight for "democracy" many so-called progressives ignore and marginalize other peoples' voices.)

Keep the comments coming and KEEP LEFTING!!!


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