Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations to everyone!

Now the real work begins...

I noticed last night the boos from the audience in McCain's camp and the good sentiment from the Obama rally. It pointed out to me that the Republicans have sowed so much bad sentiment that they finally imploded. Even Smacking pointed that out.

What bugged was that there were 3 visits from Obama get out the vote peolpe during the day. One time I came out right after and my Nader sign was on the ground. (We had both an Obama and a Nader sign.) We went to the SWOP and the Democratic celebrations and when we returned someone had taken the Nader sign all together. Since there were no Republicans walking my neighborhood I have to assume that not all of Obama's followers are as open as he.

I voted for Cynthia McKinney - I just couldn't find anyone with signs. Not that I didn't want Obama to win, but I felt pretty comfortable that my vote wasn't going to swing the election.

So now the real work begins. Time to write letters, make plans, and organize, organize, organize!

My first steps are to get rid of this cold, then write letters to McKinney and Nader and get them to work on election reform, and then write Obama and the NM delegation to raise minimum wages!

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On Another Note:

Democrats in-fighting in Tenn.

More information on what didn't make last nights' reporting on ballot access news!


Thanks for voting for me! Too bad we haven't lowered the voting age yet, so I could've been part of this historical election.
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