Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Did a little working out yesterday. That felt good to be able to do that. Going to keep it up. I don't know if I'll get to the gym today, but I will by tomorrow for sure!

My birthday was nice. Had some nice text messages, email messages and phone messages. I'm hoping to get some good reading for the long weekend. Lakoff and Hartman most likely. Here's a good interview with Lakoff.

What he doesn't mention is Obama beginning to use the "tax relief" frame for spreading the wealth. It might make his job a little harder. Just like the "Support the Troops - Bring them Home" signs.

Also a nice article by a friend of the blog. Machi's article in the NM Independent.

Oh, and it's kind of cool to have your daughter quoting you... Look at the SWOP Blogger.



How is it we've been friends for over ten years and I have no idea when your birthday is?????

Sending love your way... sorry for the delay.

Happy Birthday!
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