Tuesday, October 07, 2008

October 7, 2008

On the personal side, I've been realizing the similarities between my son and myself. I remember what it was like to be a sort of black sheep in the family. Where the other youth encouraged you to be "crazy" then left you hanging when the crap hit the fan. To have the adults really not trust or support you. So I've been working on being gentler with his frustrations in life.

It is good to remember that he's reflecting the difficulties I had, but in a harsher environment in society. The difference is that he has parents at home trying to help out.

I've been working with other neighborhood leaders on improving the area and one thing is replacing the term people use for my neighborhood to "International Neighborhoods District." I found a great document on health. It is called "Understanding the Relationship Between Public Health and the Built Environment." This would actually make a strong argument for voting green - if we wanted a healthy enviroment that is...

This relates to why I think supporting unions and social democratic parties is a health issue. I will post that later or tomorrow. Not necessarily for the green aspect, but for other policies.

Oh, and we gotta talk about this Maverick thing...


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Our lives... they are a parallel universe.
Yes they are... I noticed that.

Tell me more about Santana!
OMG - BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE! He's incredible, amazing, and I honestly do not appreciate the man's talent enough. Sat in the sound booth for the show, enjoyed it immensely. If he comes to the ABQ, I'd invest the cash, it would be worth it.
I've seen him. Took the kids. He's awesome!
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