Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oct. 22, 2008

Don't buy the crappy $300 checks as a "stimulus"! If the US split up what it gave in the bailout there would be about $2,000 per person to spread around. That might be nicer so my family would get $8,000. But if the US subsidized a dollar raise for all workers making less than $60,000 we might get a bigger bang for the buck, so to speak.

Or maybe a graduated raise. Anyone making $6.25-9.00 an hour gets a two buck raise. People between $9.01-12.00 get a buck seventy five. If you're in the $12.01-15 you get a buck fifty. People in the $15.01-18 get a buck twenty five. And so on. Those making the least spend a larger percentage of their income and flowing dollars create income tax and sales tax. These taxes will help deal with issues that governments are dealing with regarding lost income. People spending money will also create more jobs, which... create more taxes!

Quit trying to give us more credit cards, give us more money to actually afford what we need!

A permanent raise in the minimum wage along with an index for inflation will deal with some issues. If you buy the analysis of the ClusterFu*k blog then we'll need to invest in seeds and bicycles as much as alternative driving technologies.

Unfortunately as time may show, it seems fairly tragic that the left voices are marginalized at this time. Instead we get lots of Che, Malcolm, and Zapata wearing "progressives" who wouldn't ever vote for a socialist, labor party, or even green candidate.

I understand not being for McSame, but at least with the news of the double digit lead we can get a handfull of people to vote for the different options. The fear of stolen elections is real - this is no longer electoral dream land...

When I do hear people tell me, "well, if there were other options..." I get sick. THERE ARE other options, but then you get systematic issues like a Secretary of State giving misinformation regarding the ability to support alternatives. Or the hurdles that are occasionally presented like minor party candidates needing to get signatures while corporate party candidates do not. The GOOGLE Book Search for Multiparty Politics In America will get you a book that talks a bit about the barriers at the federal level. Given that Senator Obama pretty much crushed hope of federal level campaign finance reform and the good liberals that support it in order to win - we will likely be stuck with corporate candidates for the foreseeable future.

So, now with the larger lead for the fine Senator I may be able to comfortably vote for who closest represents me. The next election may be guided then by trying to win "left" voters a little more and not only the center-right voters. Don't get me wrong, it will be history for Senator Obama to get in.

It could be like Colorado with 16 choices for President... But with 6 NM is not that bad. The Bernalillo County Clerks office where to vote feature is nice. So I get to choose between Obama, McCain, McKinney, Baldwin, Nader, and Barr. Tell your Republican friends to vote Baldwin!! (Just kidding). If things keep going I will likely vote for Cynthia and Rosa (Green).

And below, the biggest worry... much more so than minor parties.

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