Friday, September 19, 2008

Sept. 19, 2008

OK, I think Karlos and I are seemingly in better alignment. That's good. I know I've been in the place to challenge and go at with people - just not in the last 3-4 years. I appreciate the energy and intentions Karlos brings to the table.

He had a good point that my post on the SWOP blog was lacking background and context. I just couldn't believe that the Dems were letting McSame get away with saying they were the Workers' Party!!!!

I think we may disagree on talking about third parties two months prior to election time I think it is always good to talk about real democracy. This is one of the few times people pay ANY attention to any kind of electoral politics. Tough situation.

I will always bring up the connection between strong Unions, Labor and Socialist parties with Universal Health Care, Living Wages, Social Justice, etc... Especially when I know people use the term "progressive" and "Democrat" in the same room. The best one is when people talk about "the revolution" and don't even vote for Kucinich! But I digress....

There are definitely good points made all the way around. I just had another conversation with someone who was asking me to a youth voter registration event. I asked if they would have a list of parties available. The response was familiar - "we can't tell people what party to register with." I find it interesting that we think it OK to NOT educate people while we register them. (I often don't name names on this - rarely even mine, though apparently I'm freakin' obvious to everyone except the Alibi...)

If I go to a salesperson and they don't give me all of my options I feel ripped off! I think it should be the same for party affiliations. People should know all of their choices. Now it is up to us in smaller parties to do some of our own education. But people doing registration can at least give people copies of the list. The different clerks have them. I think I'll print it and take with me when I get trained to be a registrar.

Have a great weekend and keep lefting!!!

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