Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sept. 17, 2008


This ate my posts twice!!!!!


OK, Hope 16 de Septiembre went well. I was busy with our impending economic collapse so I didn't post on it. I also missed posting about Monday.

I got to see "Los Dedos de Oro" on the requinto. If you get a chance see Grupo Tradicion, they rock!!!

I have a gig tonight at Old Town Plaza with Mezcla Latina, 7pm and its FREE!!!

I also have a gig on Sunday morning in Tijeras with Paul Pino and the Tone Daddies. Sunday afternoon I have a gig at the Fair with the Wild Bunch. And then I have rehearsal that night with Mezcla Latina.

My head may pop, but it should be fun.

Keep Squeezing!!!


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