Monday, September 15, 2008

Sept. 15, 08

Chinga'o! Two major financial institutions fell over the weekend. Greenspan is saying this is a Once-In-A-Century financial crisis. Wow, and they are saying this might trigger a recession... I think we may be on the boat to DEpression. What I'm wondering is how the Republicans will blame this on Barak Obama

As a parent I keep forgetting how tough things are and I give my son a hard time for not having a job. I still need to encourage him, but it will help my blood pressure and his to keep it to encouragement. He's working on selling t-shirt designs and is talking about playing music again. My understanding is that super rich people like live music during these types of times so maybe that's the smart way to go.

On happier notes I played at a wedding on Friday with Paul Pino and the Tone Daddies. Saturday I went to a potluck with members of Grupo Muy Muy and other activists. That was followed up by sitting in for two sets with Wagogo at a house party. I was scheduled for three rehearsals on Sunday and two cancelled. Would have been nice if they would have called ahead of time.

So one group I'm playing in for a long time now is working on new stuff and came to rehearse with them after about 10 days off. The challenge with them is no explicit direction. I was asked about why I don't do the background harmonica parts on "All Day Music" and was like, sure if you want. Then I listened and there are a couple of parts. I'll keep checking that out. I figured out that a problem for me is that we only run through rancheras once in awhile and there really isn't any committment to them. So I don't get to try and work out parts.

I'm going to go check out my Bro's group tonight at the Fair hopefully, and then play next Sunday with a group who I'm only practicing with on Saturday. So next Sunday is two gigs and a rehearsal. One gig this Wednesday. Thursday will probably be jam night!


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Don't be too hard on your son. I'm finding my students and my son are putting in 40-50 applications before even getting a phone call, and they are competing with 30-year-olds for pizza delivery jobs. Times are tough.
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