Monday, September 15, 2008

The Party That Wrecked America

Thanks for the comments. It's nice to have a little bit of conversation as opposed to one way ranting... which is fun all on its own. But it is good to have parents telling me to not go off on the boy too much. It's a good reminder. I think my frustration is he doesn't take one day side jobs because he thinks he's gonna get a career. I think in a "normal" economy that might have been a better way to see things.

Anyway, Kunstler (see clusterfu*knation on the side) proposes the new name for the Republican Party be The Party That Wrecked America. A big giant fat assumption that the Dems were doing better. He and his contempt for so many things in popular culture show the standard US blind spot - look at the rest of the planet. Everyone will be shocked and awed but other countries, with parties much more pro-worker than the Dems have policies which will at least be a little cushion.

But at least have a laugh...


i don't always leave comments...but i am here reading...i love your writing...keep it up!
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