Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I was watching Palin talk about Obama being an organizer and her comment that Mayor's had responsibility. A weak attempt at a cheap shot, but one that excites Republicans apparently. I think the hardest thing for them to vocalize is that the purpose of organizers is to make the government take care of the people. Something that goes totally against the individualistic values of the Republican party.

And the fact that Democrats are often on the receiving end of organizers is something that a lot of organizers are failing to mention now. If we're going to have real democracy we'll need a lot more organizers. To deal with the not-so-slowly creeping conservatism coming into the "liberal" party's platform and the "change" President we'll need a lot of organizers! Maybe we should pitch into the Palin Organizers Fund!




I agree... Community Organizers are definitely needed to create a REAL democracy and to create REAL change.
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