Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Hell in the Handbasket

So Wall Street takes another plunge after our tax dollars bailout AIG. It sure would suck to be a presidential candidate right now. We know that though this is touted as a "democracy" we're only going to get two "choices." A lot of so-called progressives will say, "well, there ARE only two choices and we have to deal with reality." Maybe because non-profits are also funded by corporate wealth... Some will go on to ask "what other parties"?

I think just because they follow the corporate dollars and refuse to look outside of the food trough is sad.



i'll vote for mccinney and rosa in Cali if you all get it right in NM.

but come on, be straight up. "some people."

you conflate "progressives" with non-profits. and then say that these non profits, supposedly only funded by corporate wealth (It's our wealth, not corporate - another fundamentally false assumption you've made), ask what other parties. I mean who really builds wealth? Is it corporations?

Your post is cryptic. be clear. what are you saying?

I asked what other parties. I said you need to be in reality.

Not some non-profit. Just me. Karlos.

Who is the "they" you're talking about? Is it a strawperson?
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