Friday, September 26, 2008

Healt Policy Analysis

A little out of date, but explains why we keep having the SAME HEALTH CARE CONVERSATION!! Mostly garbage about it being too expensive!

"I should stress that the country has sufficient resources to provide comprehensive, high-quality medical care to everyone who needs it. The U.S. spends 16 percent of its GNP on medical care, almost double the percentage spent by Canada and most countries of the European Union (E.U.) on providing universal, comprehensive health care coverage to their populations. We in the U.S. spend $2.1 trillion on medical care, making the medical care sector one of the largest economies in the world (if the medical care sector were a country, rather than a massive sector within a country). And it has been estimated that this spending will reach 20 percent of GNP in a few years (7 years according to some, 12 years according to others). Lack of money is not the root of the medical care problem in the U.S. We spend far, far more than any other developed country, and far more than what we would need to provide comprehensive health care coverage for everyone. The frequently heard argument that the U.S. cannot afford universal, comprehensive care has no credibility. It is a poor rationale for keeping the situation as it is."

I facilitate a health coalition, which is different than a health care coalition, and we had a great meeting yesterday. I may have over-prepped, but that's better than being unprepared.

Hopefully the 2nd Great Depression won't be announced over the weekend.


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