Thursday, September 18, 2008


A corporate party candidate is getting something right on taxes!!!

The corporate backed parties often talk about running government like a business and cut spending, and cut taxes. What business runs on less income and to do less? It's a crazy attempt to get individuals to be "self-reliant" and support private business. Because individuals (everyone who is NOT a business owner) are not as worthy as businesses. That's why billions of our dollars can go toward bailouts of corporations, but the laws get tougher on individual families declaring bankruptcy.

Hopefully everyone pays their fair share. Apparently it is not just a good thing, but "patriotic."

And the prison guard union is trying to get rid of the Governator!

* * *
Had a good gig at Old Town last night. Got asked to sit in on a gig with Chuy for Friday. Getting more of those.



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