Monday, September 22, 2008

3rd Party Voting Strategy

Well the Friday post got me a lot of email. I was hoping for something on the blog comments. But it is still early in the week.

The responses were either positive or "please vote for Obama because it is scary to think of 4 years of McCain." Essentially what I thought might happen. The best one is the myth about my individual vote being key. I'm a poli sci major - it really does come down to blocks of votes. In NM 100 is a big enough block to sway an election most of the time.

In conversations over the weekend it seems like a good strategy for those of us disappointed with the predictable shift to the right that the Dems make after the primaries is to vote third party if there is someone worth voting for, then making sure we get one person who supports Obama but may not be a regular voter, or a new voter out to vote. The goal is to increase progressive votes AND to head off the blame for a possible McSame win! (ugh)

On this one, I do want comments!!!

More tomorrow...


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