Friday, August 15, 2008

Letter to Legislators

Here's something I wrote to some legislators - I know it is hard taking this position, but we need money for services.

"I think another important item to bring to the attention of the Legislature is this proposed tax break. How can government operate if it keeps giving away its revenue? Taxes are the dues we pay for roads, schools, and public health. What if everyone's check went into public health? If politicians really want to help working families, they could raise the minimum wage by a dollar which would give some families about $4,000 a year increase and increase tax revenue.

The extra tax revenue and spending from working families would create jobs. Now is the time to be innovative with work hours, work weeks, living wage, and universal health care, universal child care/kindergarten, and public transportation. This is a time for bravery and creativity. Our economy has been mismanaged for too long by skewing policy towards the rich. Give some real breaks to the working people - it can't be worse than corporate tax giveaways have been."

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