Tuesday, August 05, 2008

August 5, 08

Well Bush causes the water cannons to go off! Isn't "promoting democracy" great!?!?!
# # #

We were temporarily locked out of the neighborhood last night. Someone robbed a convenience store and then ran down my street. We got in around 11pm and we don't know if they caught anyone.

More fun and excitement!!!

Practicing is going OK. Figuring out that I want to have a list of about 8 songs to work on before xmas. And when I learn one, I'll move on to another. This will keep my musical ADD from kicking in, and keep me from losing it while learning stuff for the band.

Getting different fingerings from YouTube has been fun. So what would I be working on? No Me Conoces Aun from Palomo, La Palomita from los Cadetes de Linares, Cruz de Madera by Michael Salgado, Cobardemente by Los Relampagos, etc...

I'm hoping that this will feed me musically while I figure out if I'm ready to start a group next year, or even later. I've been putting that off for awhile already. We'll see. Worse case is that I'll get a lot better. I've already improved some in my sense of chords and pasaditas flowing better. I'm also able to catch things I couldn't last year. Hopefully I'll be at the next notch by new years!



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