Friday, August 08, 2008


Well, physical therapy was interesting. I was asked background history - so apparently being in lots of car accidents, fights, and falling off things are not good! Go figure.

Basically, I'm mis-aligned. It was really uncomfortable getting into alignment too. It gave me a headache which made rehearsal fun. But going to jam night made it worth while! It was fun, got to play with Little Bo, and give him my pesame for the passing of Bo Diddly.

Then I got to sit in with another group, and this one drummer asked for my number while I was going up, so I told him to get it from my wife. He called today and wants me to play with someone named Paul Pino. Hopefully that goes well. I figure it is worth a shot.

No weight lifting until the therapist says so...

Bueno, Keep Lefting!!!


Muy buena musica estas linkeando, Riques. A mi tambien me gustaria una alineamiento - de mis dedos - para tocar mas como tu o estos cuates aqui.
Un abrazo
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