Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22, 2008

Hell yes I'm sore! It's great too!!! Yoga got cancelled for Wednesdays in general, and for today as well. I'll have to keep stretching on my own.

# # #

I'm watching TV and seeing people try to figure out how drilling new oil in 7-10 years will help me today. It's amazing, I now understand how the whole "American Way of Life" thing works. People are more willing to bomb other countries than give up driving the way we do.

And now freakin JalapeƱos are off the market!!! What the hell man! Glad I'm growing my own. My tomatoes are starting to produce as well as the pequin, and I have two bell peppers and one jalapeƱo!

Hopefully Albuquerque begins to redevelop itself into a sustainable City soon. Otherwise lots of pockets of the city are screwed, some for being too suburban, and the others for poorly planned density.



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