Thursday, July 17, 2008

July 17, 2008

Things are OK. The neighborhood is quiet this week - always that way after a shooting. My son took over my car and he's kept it there overnight twice already, and no problem. I still want the camera, but figure it will be OK to get things more to normal without waiting for that. The police are not helping me directly, but there has been lots of APD activity on my street.

What has been most irritating is a wannabe social justice youth trying to talk to me about "keeping it real" for the people in the 'hood. If it was white people attacking my daughter and property, there would be an uproar. If I was a white veteran I could probably shoot someone and get off with three months, but alas, I was almost arrested for chasing someone with a bat - no hitting involved!

The yoga class at my work has been cut back. It was twice a week, but with a low turnout the instructor decided to try once a week. Apparently I was the only one "donating" for the class as well. So much for physical activity!

My son is on his second day at work as a roofer. He said it was hard, but seemed to be happy to have a job. I tried to help him get social justice work which is what he was asking for, but for the most part that part of my circle of connections has been really f*#$%&^g lame. Someday maybe...

Well, there's lots to write about, but not enough time. I have a lot of writing for work to do and make some calls. I need to call brother M back.

Keep Lefting!!!


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