Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 12, 2008

Things are stable, which isn't the greatest, but at least OK. I'm not sleeping well again. I'll work on that tonight.

My next safety goal is getting good lighting over the driveway, and maybe the back yard. Then figuring out a camera set up. I'm being persistent with my City Councilor and the police. There's a lot more police traffic. Hopefully enough to slow some things down, but obviously not enough to keep track of the 130 households on "the block" (actually two blocks).

But my neighbors are also starting to step up. I want to get back with my friends and such who actually call or show up. Then I have people who ask how I'm doing and stop asking when I tell them how hard it is to have my limp and have to walk to the car and most of the people who tell me they are my "friends" haven't been around.

There are people who are just my friends through action. I appreciate that everyone is doing their best, but I could still use more help. I think it is true of me too - most people can handle something being hard for about a week. We all have enough of our own stuff to be able to help long-term. And I am having a hard time with the continual stuff that keeps coming my way and it feels like I'm not much help to anyone else.

Anyway, even with all of that I feel relatively OK. I'm clear that things won't stay this way forever, but longer than I want.



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