Friday, May 23, 2008


So after we returned from my daughter's birthday dinner the girls across the street start getting crazy again. They are yelling crap and we kind of ignored it. I thought about calling the police and before I could make up my mind, they ran across the street and punctured all 4 tires on my car. The police came. I stayed outside with Tim Keller and my wife until about 12:30. As soon as I started falling asleep, they came across and broke two windows. I jumped up and chased them down the street with a bat. I don't think they were expecting that.

It actually HELPED my leg! If I only knew. I'm going to a chiropractor today. Yesterday while walking with a doctor he said it looked like I had a joint out of place.

Of course the police can't do much because it's a misdemeanor, I didn't witness the incident - but did see who was running away from the car. Etc.

So now.... I gotta use all my years of organizing to get smart and pull in all my allies.

I'm so pissed and so tired right now, this is all I can post. But I appreciate the support we've gotten. The concern when a man was shot on the next block over and Mauricio and other people called to check on me.

Gonna be a long summer!



Wow, just wow.

Keep up the good fight.

Love you!
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