Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Damn! My son was all set on what he felt was a dream job - working at a social justice organization. But it didn't work out. He's kind of messed up over it. I'm disappointed myself.

You could maybe put it at his being related to another employee there, but they hire family regularly. Maybe he doesn't have enough experience, but he's been involved in social justice since he could walk, fundraised to go to demonstrations - no grant writing or depending on adults. Of course, he could have just blown his interview.

Regardless, it is very disappointing, and definitely dropped our entire family spirits. It hit all of us. He was trying not to get stuck in fast food or retail. Maybe he's just too "ghetto" for them. When I first started in this kind of work social justice folks liked me around to testify and to talk to youth, but it took awhile to get a job. I was even told once that I wasn't being hired because I was a guy, and this was after getting honors in political science at UNM. And then they hired a woman who left after a short time and no longer does justice work. (Oh wait! Same general group of folks.)

OK, enough of that vent. Things are just a pain right now and there isn't an easy solution. And there isn't easy help. And there is actually little quality help even from the help available. I remember a friend saying she didn't get helped from the social justice movement when her house burned down. I didn't hear about it until way later, but see that there is probably more that we can do to support each other.

Oh well, gotta quit moaning and find a good lawyer, a good camera system, and keep organizing for change...



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