Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April 1st

My street is super quiet. The almost not good quiet. But I'll take it. My daughter doesn't want to come home because she feels she would try to go after the girls who jumped her.

We had lots of support. Sunday we had Rey Garduño drop by and Tim Keller. It is really helpful to have that kind of involvement with the City Councilor and the guy running for State Senate. Especially since my State Senator lives on the same street I do and I have NEVER seen him actually in my neighborhood. (I was once PTO president at the elementary school between our homes and never got him to come to a meeting or fundraiser. Come to think of it, I haven't seen him at his own neighborhood association meetings either!)

On Monday Miguel A, Bianca E, Irma H, and Clayton came by. Tim offered to come over but since things were so quiet I told him I wanted to catch up on sleep. I got emails and calls from lots of people also. Roberto and Tim are planning to come over today, and I had already scheduled some lunch time with Andru. Another friend, who was wanting me to move, called and offered to come over. I'll have to figure out how to talk to people who throw their fear and patronizing crap at me out.

Albuquerque Police Department hasn't done a damn thing up to this point. I'll give you the run down and if you have advice please give it.

The quick rundown - my daughter knew some girls were upset with her over her ex boyfriend. My daughter drives me to the airport Friday at 1pm. Later in the afternoon she is jumped by three girls. The police are called and asked to step up patrols. Later in the evening the girls send a younger boy to ask for my daughter. She doesn't come out and the girls proceed to do $5,000 in damage to my daughter's car. The police are called.

30 minutes later no police. My wife, my son, and my sister are out in the driveway and the girls walk by. My wife asks them "what are you thinking" - they mumble something and leave. They return and break two windows out of my car and run off as the police finally show up.

My kids are staying at their aunts. I was out of town. I returned at 11pm Saturday evening and have spent a great deal of time in my front yard. I spoke to some of the neighbors on Sunday, asked them to call the police as much as possible.

I'm working on a plan to help my kids feel comfortable at home. We'll need to have a family meeting and decide. I'm going to need to make a long term commitment to hanging out in my yard - a lot!

It will be worth it.



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