Monday, April 28, 2008

4/28/08 or "Nobody knows....."

Here's an interesting view of the "tax stimulus" that Georgie is breaking out. Again, raising the minimum wage by $1 would be more helpful in the long run. So would progressive taxation. Come to think of it, so would Universal Health Care!!!

But I may be overstating. But the richest guy in the world things this will be a long and deep recession. Add to that the global food insecurity and we're in pretty bad shape. Not to mention if it is causing food riots in various countries and impacting health of poor people in industrialized countries. How bleak can it get? It doesn't have to get that bad, this is an opportunity. Now we can work on food gardens, getting people to get out and walk, push for better wages, progressive taxation, etc. Let the candidates know what you think.

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Over the weekend La Raza Unida and Cambio held a May Day fundraiser. It was great there was entertainment and a panel of speakers. The opportunities that people felt were available in these tough times (and the tougher ones coming up) were issues of mutual aid, localizing, unionizing, and combining services with long-range policy and organizational development.

People seemed to get that third parties were useful for the working-class and were able to talk about the reality that in the US "liberal" and often "progressive" are often still center or right-of-center.

There wasn't a working committee or anything that came from that, but there is a chance to do follow up. We registered some people LRU and will be working it after June 3rd's Democratic primary.

So a quick recap, gas prices going up, food availability going down, housing values going down, unemployment going up, health care costs going up, progressive politics... well that's up to you!


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