Thursday, April 17, 2008

4/17/08 Random Tidbits

Unnatural Causes will be showing on Sunday morning at 9am on KNME. This is a very important concept and documentary. Though I know only about 5-9 people visit the blog per day hopefully people will watch. I will propose screening this through all the organizations I belong to - just so you know how serious I take this.

* * *

Yesterday was my homegirl G's birthday. Didn't talk with her, but did send her some messages. She has been depressed, I wonder if she's feeling old? Maybe just because, like most of us, she's fluffier than before. Who knows - actually I might, but it's more fun to ponder.

* * *

El Sistema - Venezuelan Music Program. Thanks R for the info!

* * *

I think I'm just feeling like I do all the reaching out. Gets tiring. I don't think it is true necessarily, but sometimes your feelings are signs of reality. Or at least signs of when you need a break from things. For example, it is good to stop lifting if you really feel burned out - it is usually a sign of overworking.

- - -
The police raided a place across the street last night. The person they were looking for may have gotten away. They ended up trying to catch someone who was on the roof for awhile. The streets have been quieter. Let's see how the summer goes.

My son says he thinks its too much stress for me to live in the "ghetto" - maybe he's right, but I ain't moving. For some reason he thinks its OK for him to live there though!

My leg is much better, I may be working out again next week.


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