Monday, December 10, 2007


Did an OK chest and back workout today. Hopefully lunch will go better!

Feeling weak. Gotta just keep holding on.

Musically things are good. Had a gig on Saturday. That was good. I emailed M to ask if he had any gigs he could use me on. I'm getting short on cash. I'd like to pay off my debts, but the inflow isn't picking up!

On another good note, pun intended, I learned 7 Esteban Jordan pasaditas last week! There was two I wasn't getting, one was on the tercera (IV) and it was a single note trill and an arpeggio fragment. Then there was a segunda (V7) that sounded really funky, when I got to working on it I realized he was doing an Am7 arpeggio over the D7, or a D11 chord!

Stuff is opening up for me with this level of work. I did work through all of the pasaditas in all 12 keys. I also worked on the solo, and melodies for about three other songs through all 12 keys. This is stuff the button guys don't do because they only have three keys and switch accordions. The song I worked on last week was "Soy de Tejas" and this week I'll probably work on "Donde Estara". The hard part is getting this in my fingers enough to fit them into the songs I play.

I'm also learning some Tres parts on the guitar, working on Cumbia and Salsa on the bass, and doing some salsa montunos on the piano. This will only happen on days when I have the time. I also wrote a tune to the chord changes from "In My Life" by the Beatles. It's a little weird, but I figure practice will bring improvement!!!

Now I gotta find time/energy to start fixing up stuff around the house! LOL!

Oh, the realage tip of the day!

Orale Chicanos, Le Seguiremos!

good for you, E!!!!
I am so happy to see that you are well and that things are going great.
Muchos Besitos. Te tengo en el pensamiento!!!!!
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