Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dia De Revolución (cont.)

Feliz Dia de La Revolucion!

I hope you are well on this day of remembrance for the Mexican Revolution (11/20).
Hopefully on this day we can reflect on the unity that we need to create to make the world the place we want to leave for our future generations. The civic wellbeing of our society is up to us. In the Chicana and Chicano movement we have splintered to a large degree. The progressive movement is also not very united at this time. It is in our best interest for us to begin to unite and move toward a better world – one we would be happy and proud to leave to our future generations. This is especially important because of the coming elections, but obviously we need to do more than vote in November.

One key way of moving toward unity is to begin to express what we want in the world. Often Raza and progressive activists focus on what we are against. That still leaves us focusing in the wrong direction. What are some things we want? None of us can hope to speak for all of us, but I will share what I think many of us want based on time spent with people and listening to them.
Most Raza Unida and progressive activists want to create a society that is truly community – as familia, a caring and responsible family. Most of us vision a world, a US, where people care about each other; where people act responsibly toward each other; where people realize we are all interrelated.

A responsible and caring familia protects each other from harm, wants familia treated fairly, and wants familia’s dreams to come true. A responsible familia wants responsible and fair sharing of prosperity. Prosperity to create opportunities, allows freedoms, and allow for fulfillment of all of our familia.

Healthy Familia is about cooperation and service. This allows us to really become a community, the type that raises healthy young people. Working together and for each other is how many of our familias have made it through hardships.

A healthy community will work toward equality, and eliminate the genocide, racism, classism, sexism, and homophobia and provide relief from oppression. Oppression relief will include maximizing democracy. Oppression relief will work with strength to make institutions work for the common welfare. Imagine a government for a better future for all!

Raza Unida and many other organizations live by the best values of familia and community: mutual responsibility, which is equal, two-way, and requires caring, responsibility, and strength. We have the great opportunity to work together for mutual responsibility and with caring and strength to leave our children a better world. Let’s focus on where we agree and move forward!!!

¡¡Viva La Revolución!!

Enrique Cardiel, Raza Unida member

For people in Albuquerque interested in registering Raza Unida, or any other party, please contact Reyna Juarez (reynaluz@comcast.net) or Rosemarie Romero (rromero@unm.edu) and they will gladly register you.


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